Thursday, December 21, 2006

Weening myself back

Last night I attempted to ween myself out of my study hole. I just finished my first semester of grad school and have spent the better part of the past 4 months studying and writing, not to mention working 40 hours a week. And now I have a full month off before the next semester. Anyway, Matt and I went to Liz and Jehan's taco night and I basically sat in the corner and stared at my shoes for 3 hours. Weening myself back to social interaction is a slow process. I hope to make another step tonight at Jay's DJ night at Saint Ex.

Next week I am taking vacation. I'm not going anywhere, just hanging around at home. I want to make some doctor appointments, paint my living room, read, catch up on movie watching and hang out with friends. Hopefully I don't waste the week watching too much tv. I need to take advantage of the next month because following that I will be in school for a full year, no summer break.

There are a lot of things to look forward to in the next few weeks: currently Hannukah, Xmas, 2nd Annual Birthday Bar Crawl, NYE, Matt's Birthday, My Birthday and our 2 year anniversary!

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Monday, October 23, 2006

A dream come true

This weekend was a drunken mess for me. But it's been so long since I've had one of those, so it's ok.

I had school all day on Saturday. I finished the first class of my two year program. Yay for me!

Saturday night was spent at Hobart to celebrate Ivy's birthday. We had a glorious time. I did 3 carbombs as soon as I got there, so I was immediately drunk. The rest of the night was spent sipping on Champagne and Sparks. I will post photos from this glorious night soon.

On Sunday, Matt, Aric and I arrived late to Ivy's birthday brunch and I chain smoked and sipped on Chimay at the end of the table just being a plain old grump.

Then we walked up to Pharmacy and played Big Buck Hunter all afternoon. I finally got to enjoy Sunday Buck Hunter with Matt. He thinks I'm cute when I'm killing.

After Buck Hunter we were heading home to get ready for the Little Steven's Rock show at the Cat, but decided to go to Toledo for more drinks and some food.
Everyone was drunk and loud.

Then we all piled in Jay's car back to Mt P. He dropped me and Matt off at home and we both passed out at 9pm. Woke up at 1am, got ready for bed and passed back out.

Overall, the weekend was glorious. I only have 2 work days this week, then it's off to Kentucky for April and Adam's wedding. yay.

Now for a dream come true - Casablancas and Schwartzman:


Tuesday, October 10, 2006


This is the greatest video ever made by People Food starring The Gray Kid and Daniel Stessen. It's a parody of JT's Sexyback, except this is about everyone's favorite happy drug, Paxil.

Great lyrics like "the platinum bottle with the child proof cap."


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Cold War

Okay, this is so unfair. So there were two great shows that I was missing on Oct 26. The Rapture at 9:30 Club and Futureheads and COLD WAR KIDS at Sonar. But, I leave for Kentucky, for April and Adam's wedding on Thursday, Oct 26 at 10:20 a.m. so NO shows for me.

NOW - the Futureheads have cancelled their show due to a band injury and the Cold War Kids have reschedule to DC9. DCfucking9. So unfair. I want to go to this, but I will already be gone. Ah!!


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Are you the imaginary socialite?

Oh, I love this website and myspace page.


I can't see the sunshine

I also want this necklace.


Razorblade, that's what I call love.

Oh, the razorblade, that's what I called love.
I bet you'd pick it up and mess around with it if I put it down.
It gets extremely complicated.
Anything to forget everything.

You've got to take me out at least once a week.
Whether I'm in your arms or I'm at your feet I know exactly what your thinking.
You won't say it now but in your heart it's loud,

"Oh no, my feelings are more important than yours.
Drop dead, I don't care, I won't worry."
There you go...

Oh, the razorblade, wish it would snap this rope.
The world is in your hand or it's at your throat.
At times it's not that complicated.
Anything to forget everthing.

He would never talk but he was not shy.
She was a street-smart girl but she could not lie.
They were perfect for each other.
Say it now, cause in your heart it's loud,

"Oh no, my feelings are more important than your.
Drop dead, I don't care, I won't worry."

Your feelings are more important, of course (of course)
Everyone they wanted everything that we would take from them
I don't wanna know, I don't wanna know
Tell me tell me tell me tell me
No.. don't.... care..


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

procrastinating big time x 3

I should be doing school work right now, but instead I'm trying to figure out which Nicole Richie Myspace page is for real. There are 128 pages of girls claiming to be Nicole.

Check out this blog by Cory Kennedy, L.A.'s youngest and most famous scenester. She is the intern/girlfriend/muse of the Cobra Snake. Her blog is one of my new favorite internet daily reads. It's cute and utterly ridiculous.

Check out more photos and info on her here. She the latest IT girl and all because of her e-fame.

I'm awed by the power of the mighty internet.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hard Tomorrows CD Release

Mammal and Matt

Miss Ivy

Kate and Jenn

Deer and Mammal





Rishi, I'm sorry. It's not letting me put the pic up of you, but you are Rishi Rockstar, for serious!


Hello and Welcome Back folks.

Hello - It's been a long time since I have blogged and I mean really blog and not just provided the googling Strokes fans with the lastest Strokes' updates.

Let's see why I haven't I blogged in so long. Let's do a top ten list of reasons why. And in no particular order, other than the order I thought of them, here are MY TOP TEN REASONS WHY I HAVEN'T BLOGGED:

1. I have a serious boyfriend and have settled down.

2. All of my friends have more or less settled down and the original theme of "What Are We Gonna Do Now?" has lost it's meaning.

3. I don't hate my job anymore. I used to come to work hungover all the time and I wasn't into my job, so I would just sit there and blog to pass time. Now I have a job that I love and I don't come to work that hungover anymore.

4. I don't have a computer at home with the internet. I don't live with the mammal and her Mac anymore. I don't even have a computer anymore, so I don't blog much when I am home. In fact, I don't even use my iPod anymore. I should be getting a new Apple MacBook soon, so hopefully, I can continue this blog resurgence.

5. Everyone and their mother has a blog and thinks their blog is better than yours when really they all are equally nonimportant in the great scheme of things.

6. Blogs are so 2004.

7. I never had ads and didn't make any money from my blog.

8. Got worried that people were internetstalking me.

9. I just started school and should be spending all my free time writing scripts.

10. The only people that find my blog online are 14 year olds from Europe or Australia who are looking for photos of Julian Casablancas' wife, Juliet and want to see her picture and then leave comments about how jealous they are and how much they hate her.


As for me, I have been going out less, spending more quality time with Matt, doing schoolwork and chainsmoking my way to cancer.

Friday night, Matt and I went to see the Science of Sleep because the trailers were so amazing. And I loved Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I also love music video directors turned film directors. And there was a Strokes song in the trailer (ah, I never change.) Anyways, Matt and I got in this stupid arguement (if you can even call it that)because the 7:30 show was sold out and he didn't want to wait until 9:30, but I didn't want to see any of the other films at E Street. I just really had my heart set on the Science of Sleep and I don't take disappointment well. So finally after 20 minutes of stupid discussion, we decided to buy tickets for the 9:30 and go to Harry's and have some drinks.

With a nice buzz, we went over to the movie. I hate stadium seating. I don't like being so far away and high up from the screen. It's not the intended way to watch a movie in the theatre. So we sat in the front section of regular seats. Of course, the most annoying girl in the theatre sat next to me. She laughed the entire time; either a laugh out loud like it was the funniest thing she had ever seen or a giggle or she quietly laughed at herself.

The movie did not live up to my expectations. It was visually beautiful, but the story wasn't the mindfuck that it could be. It wasn't like Eternal, where at the end, you just sit back and think omg, that's was amazing. There definitely great moments in the film, Stephane's inventions are fabulous. And Gael Garcia is a beautiful man and Charlotte Gainbourg is beautiful (the daughter of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg) and she wears this cute handmade knit sweater and smokes cigs and drinks from a mug with two hands. I liked Stephane's boss, Guy (he's punk.) I wanted a mindfuck and this was more of a showboat of Gondry's art. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I just know that it's going to be everyone's favorite film when it has nothing to offer other than artsy sets and "cool hipster" characters. I didn't hate it and I'm trying not to bash. I just wanted more from this film.

Yesterday, Matt and I went to see my family in Baltimore for Rosh Hashana. I feel bad because Matt had to take the day off and which means that he is working today on Sunday. :-( But we had fun. I actually love hanging out with my mom. She is the funniest person in the world and I think my parents are so cute. I wish that I couldn have spent more time with them or that I saw them more often.

Last night was the Hard Tomorrows cd release show at DC9. The place was packed and they sounded fantastic as always. It was also Charlie, new bassist's first show. I still need to be formally introduced to Charlie, since I am the HTs superfan and plan to quit my job (or take a sabbatical) when the HTs go on tour opening for the Strokes. I could make a cutting-edge tout documentary of this journey. Fucking pipedream. After the show, I sat and chatted with Caroline and Kate (newest Hobartian) and chainsmoked and sipped my Bud. Caroline left because she felt like she was in a box. Then shortly thereafter, Matt and I left because he had to work at 8 the next moring.

We stopped at Velvet on our way home, which Caroline said feels like a coffin. At Velvet, we spent a few short moments with Liz, Wes and Mark. Wes and Mark have wonderful matching beards. And Liz has a cute new haircut and wore a red velvet shirt to the Velvet Lounge. Matt drinks for free at Velvet after the whole in the wall/face in the sidewalk debacle. So he had one yummy Schlitz and then we left, only to get into the worst cab ride ever.

We have the worst luck. We always get these amazing cab drivers on the way to the bar - they take the short routes and have good conversation with us. But on the way home, they have never been to Mount Pleasant or they talk so much on their cellphones that they don't listen to us. Last nite, we should have known as soon as we got into the cab. The driver had his seat pushed all the way back like he was driving around Compton and should have had his car bouncing. He had no clue where Mt. Pleasant was and when we told him, he said that he would just take his way, but since he didn't know where Mt P was, he just took our way. Then he missed the little turn toward Mt P Street and made the illegal left turn onto Lamont. Then when we got out at 7-11, and asked him how much, he didn't say anything and then said $15. For some reason, I didn't yell like I ususally do. I should have because our cab ride there was $8 and we didn't cross the zone line on the way back. Anyways, matt just wanted to get out so he gave him a $20 and we got out. Stupid, yes, but we designed a new plan for riding in cabs. Before, we get into a cab next time, we are going to say Mt Pleasant before we even get in and if the driver questions it for even one second, we will just wait for another cab. Because I'm sick of fucking asshole cab drivers stealing my fucking money!

Right now I am watching the documentary on Barry Goldwater. I love these types of documentaries. I think I am going to try to make one, maybe for my thesis. I am waiting for my girls to get ready to go to Pharmacy Bar. And then Liz and I are supposed to go to the Infoshop, but she is hungover, so I don't know if we will make it. I also have to write my scene/sequence outline today and work on my character developments. I like Sundays. I need to do laundry.

Wow, I forgot how much I love blogging. It's like blah blah blah listen to me as I ramble about bullshit that goes on in my life.

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